Paint Your Toenails Red

Every woman (and man for that matter) should paint their toenails red occasionally.

These were the words of advice from my Mum.

Especially if you’re feeling down – and need a boost. If you’re feeling a little shabby, and you hang your head – you’ll always smile if you have red toenails.

Even better – you could paint your toenails a different colour for each toe. That way, you’ll laugh when you look down.

Try it.

1 thought on “Paint Your Toenails Red

  1. Jamie

    I am a guy that has a very strong feminine side and always wear fire engine red nail polish on my professionally pedicured toenails. The polish is OPI Big Apple Red. I live in a warm climate and my painted toes are almost always on display in women’s sandals. Your mom is really right about red toenails. Red toenails are classic, sassy, and feminine. Whenever I am having a bad day, it always cheers me up to look down and see red toenails peeking out of my sandals. Never underestimate the power of red toenails. It is amazing how something as simple as red toenails can do so much to lift my mood. I am looking forward to my pedicure appointment tomorrow.

    Thank you for passing on the wisdom from your mom.


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