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Emergency Pack

Mum was pretty organised for most things. She loved lists and labels and being prepared.

This organisation was important living in the country. Not just because shopping was more infrequent but also for the emergencies that occur when living in the bush. Bushfires, floods. Natural disasters are unfortunately common.

So Mum had an emergency pack. This was generally in the pantry, but it would come out when an emergency was close.

I remember one summer when I was little and Dad was called out to fight a fire on edge of town. The chances of the fire coming into town were slim, but out came the emergency pack. It was a plastic tub, and it contained:
A torch
The map book
Spare keys
A little phone book (this was before the days of mobile phones)
A notepad and pen
A first aid kit
Drink bottles filled with water
A packet of biscuits
Copies of our birth certificates, and other important documents

Mum would move the tub from the pantry to beside the front door. Next to this would go the box of photos.

Thankfully this box never actually left the house, as we never had to evacuate. But it was always there, just in case.

Schnitzel Night

“Ew Mum – this bread is a bit dry.”

“Is it? It must be a bit old. I’ll get some more tomorrow. But you know what this means?”

“I don’t know – what?”

“It’s Schnitzel Night tonight!”

Old bread means bread crumbs. And for us, this meant schnitzel. Or crumbed sausages. Or rissoles. Or fishcakes. Or anything that would use up the old bread.

Waste not, want not.

Dropping a Glass

It was a few months ago when my little brother called my Mum.

‘Mum, this might be a weird question.’

‘Ok – ask away’.

‘Did I imagine this, or do you use a piece of bread to pick up the little pieces of glass after you’ve swept up the big bits?’

I remember Mum’s face glowing. ‘You didn’t imagine it. That is exactly right. The glass sticks to the bread – even the teeny, tiny bits you miss with the broom’.

‘Thanks Mum. I thought I was going crazy for a minute there.’

She said later that she didn’t know what made her prouder – the fact that my little brother had remembered a lesson, or that he had first used a broom and swept the floor.