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A Family Dinner Favourite – Sausage Noodle Bake

Because there were often a lot of people to feed at our house – kids staying over, friends overĀ for dinner – and because we’re weren’t exactly financially flush, Mum would serve these ‘Family Dinners’ which seemed to be made out of nothing. She could stretch 1/2 kilo of beef mince to feed 12, or two chicken breasts to feed 10 – it was an art of cooking that I am glad I watched and learnt.

One such Family Dinner favourite was Sausage Noodle Bake. This meal would often grace our table – especially when we had friends over. Mum would plonk the big casserole dish in the middle of the table and we could help ourselves. It was delicious. It was also a good way to get us kids to eat beans.

Sausage Noodle Bake

6 sausages

tin of tomato soup

tin of baked beans

a rasher or two of bacon

a packet of pasta (spirals preferably, but any old bits and pieces are fine)

some grated cheese

Cook the sausages (or use leftovers from last night’s bbq) and cut them up into bite size pieces. Cut up the bacon and cook that until just crispy. Cook the pasta.

Then mix everything together – pasta, baked beans, bacon, sausages and the tomato soup. Put all of this in a casserole dish – sprinkle the cheese over the top and pop in the oven for 10 minutes until golden brown.

You could serve with a salad – and this would make it go even further. But trust me – this could feed an army. It certainly fed all of us!


Schnitzel Night

“Ew Mum – this bread is a bit dry.”

“Is it? It must be a bit old. I’ll get some more tomorrow. But you know what this means?”

“I don’t know – what?”

“It’s Schnitzel Night tonight!”

Old bread means bread crumbs. And for us, this meant schnitzel. Or crumbed sausages. Or rissoles. Or fishcakes. Or anything that would use up the old bread.

Waste not, want not.