When my Mum passed away, I thought – this can’t be it. Who will I ask when I need to know how to get a stain out if my tablecloth? Or when I want to cook that special potato dish you always made? Or when I just need to ask what to do?

But when writing her Eulogy, I realised she had actually given us all the tools we need and if she hadn’t taught us the specifics of a lesson, she most certainly taught us how to figure it ourselves.

In her Eulogy I listed some of her lessons to us kids. She was always our teacher – constructively, with humour, and always delicately providing us lessons via the absorption method. We didn’t know she was even teaching us something when she got us to help with the dinner, or when she made a chores roster or told us a handy hint of her own. But she was. She was always teaching.

And that is what Get Up Before You Fall is all about. It’s about her lessons – but given to you like she gave them to us: in every day moments, just part of the normal narrative of life.


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