Being in Love

You are standing at the sink tea-towel over the shoulder, doing the dishes. Explaining my little brother’s homework to him as you do. My sister and I are also at the kitchen table, all of us doing our homework. Dinner is on the stove – we are having sausages, mash and peas tonight. My favourite.

Dad comes home from work and kisses each of us kids on the top of the head.

He goes to you. He first cheekily pinches you on the bum. You curse him, but smile as you do so. He does it again, and you whip him with the tea-towel. This doesn’t deter him, and this time he slaps you gently on the bum, while laughing with us kids. While smiling (you are always smiling) you chase him around the kitchen, flicking your tea-towel at him as you do. The chase turns and he is now after you, making kissing noises with his lips. Us kids cheer as you both run around and around the kitchen.

Finally, you let him catch up and he grabs you and gives you the most passionate kiss I will ever witness. He dips you in the kitchen and you stare at each other for a moment, smiling.

You flick him one last time with the tea-towel and it is back to dinner and homework.

You are in love with my Dad.

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