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An answer for everything

As I was the fourth child – there was no room left for questions to avoid going to bed. Mum had already thought of an answer for everything.

‘Mum, I’m thirsty’.

‘Why do you think I made you have that drink before you went to bed? Go to sleep’.

‘But I’m not tired’.

‘You’re not getting out of bed. You will be tired eventually.’

‘It’s too light.’

‘It doesn’t matter. If you close your eyes, it will be dark.’


Make Your Bed – Everyday.

Yes. EVERYday.

And this doesn’t mean just pulling up the doona. This means taking the time to straighten the bottom sheet, tucking it back in where it has wriggled free overnight. Puff up the pillows, lining them up against the bedhead neatly. Folding down (using your hand as a guide) the top sheet and then tucking it in (yes, another crucial bit here – a second sheet is not optional). Fluff the doona, then sweep your hands down it – smoothing out any wrinkles as you go. Remember too, to stand back and admire your good work once done.

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At the end of a long day, as you pull back the covers on your bed – it will make you smile to think you have a nice, crinkle-free bed to get into. Sleep will come easier. So do it – everyday.