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The Library Card

I still rememember my first library card.

We had always gone to the library – ever since I can remember. When we were younger, we lived across the road from the library and Mum was good friends with the librarian (we lived in a small town too). We would go to the library at least once a week. We had one library card – in Mum’s name, and all of us borrowed books together.

When I turned 10 (double-figures!), Mum said I could have my own library card. And I could go to the library BY MYSELF.

This was a freedom I had never known. The library to me held so much freedom already – all those books to choose from, and each one opening a door into a world so different to mine. I was reading so many books already, imagine if I had my own card!

Mum took me to the library and I signed the form for my own card. When it came out of the laminator, it was still warm. I put it in my pocket and smiled and smiled. I borrowed the maximum number of books and went home still smiling.

The next day I had read several books and asked if I could go to the library. Mum said yes, and called the library. The librarian came out the front, and watched me cross the road and took me by the hand into the library. Once I had borrowed more books, she did the same thing in reverse – called Mum and watched me cross the road.

That is the moment I really began to love books and libraries – a love that will be life-long.